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Top 3 Outdoor Living Refresh Tips—Furniture Store Jacksonville

Top 3 Outdoor Living Refresh Tips—Furniture Store Jacksonville

Become the ultimate party-giver! If you’re looking to impress your friends and family with your style and class, look no further than refreshing your outdoor space. It’s easy and fun to shop at a furniture store in Jacksonville for outdoor fixtures. It’s time to recycle those wicker chairs and rusting, metal table that you can’t bear the sight of. Entertain friends at your Fourth of July barbecue or create a relaxing space to get away from family during functions. The possibilities are quite endless.

Look No Further Than Your Furniture Store in Jacksonville

  1. There’s never enough color: Even if you’re already happy with your existing patio furniture, it’s easy to bring color by adding outdoor pillows. They are weather resistant and come in every color and pattern in the rainbow. Spill some lemonade on them? No problem, just wipe with a damp cloth and go.
  2. Think about rugs: What’s missing here…we know! An outdoor rug. Check out your local furniture store in Jacksonville to see if they carry any rugs made of nylon, polyester, or polypropylene. These types of rugs can withstand a little rain and heat as well as tie your outdoor space together. These materials are quick-drying, so no need to air them out. Outdoor rugs also come in any color or pattern your heart desires. No need for shoes here! Step off the hot deck or wet grass, kick off your shoes and relax. Aaaahhh!
  3. Items that double as storage: Struggling to store your flippers and towels? There are plenty of items that can double as outdoor storage solutions. No matter how large or small your space is, there isn’t a soul that can say no to more storage options! Ottomans, chairs, or even tables are available for your choosing. Lift up, drop in and get back to your state of Zen.

Final Notes

Overall, you want to look at your furniture store in Jacksonville for items that will last. Quality is key! It is important to spend the little extra cash to ensure that your outdoor furniture will last as long as it’s meant to. Focusing on comfort and style is important, but long-lasting and quality made are higher up on the list.

A good refresh idea: Spring clean OUTside, not just INside. De-clutter your existing space by removing unnecessary potted plants (we’re already outside, no need for more greenage) or get rid of unused pieces. You’re looking to create an entertaining but relaxing sanctuary, not a wild tiki bar. Outdoor spaces are meant to be the divider from all the chaos and stress that comes from indoor work and living. Get that vitamin D you require! Hey, maybe you even build yourself an outdoor kitchen or fireplace.



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