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Redecorate Your Home With a Rustic Dining Table!

Redecorate Your Home With a Rustic Dining Table!

Whether you’re decorating or redecorating, we all know that both tasks are a journey! It takes the perfect combination of color, size, shape and budget to make you fall in love with a specific dining room table. You’re going to be hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners around this table. Everyone in your immediate and extended family will see your table! It has to be perfect, right? This is the place you’ll want your family to gather for meals, game nights and whatever else you can think of! So when you’re thinking of finding a rustic dining table, know that Circle K Furniture in Jacksonville, Florida understands your needs. 

Perfect table = perfect meal and perfect memories (or here’s hoping!).

So why get a rustic dining table?


Rustic = Cozy

Having a rustic dining table can bring your family together. It will make your kitchen or dining room seem cozier and warmer. Rustic dining tables have a way making everything seem less formal. Dining room tables can be overly elegant and therefore, can make your family and guests feel uncomfortable. When you decide to get a rustic dining table, you are committing to making your guests feel comfortable and cozy during dinner!

Focus On Your Food

Rustic dining tables are applauded because they can be subtle and you can focus more on what’s on the table instead of the table itself. While your table will be sturdy and a place to gather your family and friends, it can be understated so you focus on what really matters: the food on the table and the people surrounding it. Your food will take the front seat and be the focal point of your dinners! People will celebrate your cooking when it’s on a rustic dining table! (Rumor has it that placing plates of food on a rustic dining table actually somehow makes the food taste better, study to follow).


Everything Goes With Rustic

Rustic dining tables are simple and can be solid colors. If you get a solid color table or a wooden table, you can change placemats and dishes to the season or to whatever you want. With rustic, it's not necessarily about always matching. If you get a rustic dining table from Circle K Furniture, you can pair anything with it. When purchasing an overly elegant dining table, only certain plates or china can be paired with it. Anything goes when you get a rustic dining table! For example, with the Carson table you could create any table scape! You could do orange plates with red napkins for Thanksgiving! Red plates with green napkins for Christmas! You could even use handkerchiefs as napkins and it wouldn’t be too informal!


Purchase a rustic dining table today and say goodbye to formality. Focus on what really matters: the food, the people and the good times you’re about to have around this sturdy, good-looking and understated table.


Check out our selection of dining room tables here.



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